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Read some of the testimonials written by founders who have joined the Fundraising Bootcamp. Our stuff works, but this time it’s not us saying it.

Jack Bidgood


Although we had raised funds before, the Fundraising Bootcamp came at exactly the right time for us. Having not raised Institutional Money we had no idea about how to best prepare for the process and in raising from VCs you only get one shot. So we wanted to make sure we pitched the absolute best possible version of TF and this took a monumental amount of work but invaluable guidance from Francois and the team. He’s helped us avoid the common pitfalls and his framework is delivered in a no BS, practical manner. I didn’t think i had the time to attend at first with everything on but each session got better and better and the outcome – $20m and 10x valuation on our prior raise was significantly improved by the guidance and advice of Francois. I’d highly recommend the bootcamp!

Sharief Mohamed


Great course to boost your VC and funding knowledge! Great dynamic with Francois and Marcela.

Tamara Markotic



The Fundraising Bootcamp has been really amazing. It helped us simplify and crystallise our value proposition. It was super intense, but it’s an absolute must for anyone looking to raise a VC round.

Malthe Muff



It was great to spend a week with the team at Fundraising Bootcamp. It was just what we needed to kickstart our fundraising process. After the course, we had our story in place and were ready to get started. We raised an oversubscribed seed round at a higher valuation than anticipated. Really great outcome from the Bootcamp I would recommend it to all founders!

Marco Aboav

Etna Research


Francois and Marcela put together a very pragmatic program if you are serious about fundraising. Highly recommended.

Brandon Keenen

Antstream Arcade

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I have been to many seminars and training sessions before and this was the most expensive one to date. It’s always tough to justify costs when trying to raise funds, but in this case it’s tough to justify not doing this course! I have been involved in fundraising before so I thought I knew things.

This course has leveled me up in a way that I don’t think would have ever happened. It was a truly invaluable experience. The feedback, the honesty, the relentless pursuit of perfection are things I will keep in my tool kit forever. This course will pay me dividends for the rest of my working life.

This course will deliver an incredible ROI. I cant believe how cheap the course actually is.

Dan Marcus

Ramp Software

Knowledge is power. Francois and Marcela are a never ending source of knowledge in the startup and VC world. This knowledge doesn’t just cover their own domain, they quickly understood our business, and were able to adapt their thinking to offer incredible value. was an eye opener and we learn a lot of things.

Josefien Groot


Francois helped me in an amazing way by getting my message across clearly and creating a Wow factor on every slide of my deck. I am truly more ready for fundraising than I was before this program. It was time-consuming, but definitely worth it!

Jun Kamei



The bootcamp has been the most informative and helpful programme that I have ever been. Understanding the inner working of the VCs makes so much difference and the tailored approach was very appropriate for us!

Nika Last

Ani Biome


Fundraising Bootcamp was a stellar experience bringing together progressive healthcare startups and loading them with knowledge and tools needed for successful fundraising.

Ben Thompson

Voice Simplified

By the end of the course you’re given the tools to understand investors and build a relationship with investors.

Ionut Anisia

Flow OS

From my perspective, this bootcamp was like a father that helps his child take off the training wheels from his bike. Before this programme, we had some sort of idea of how fundraising and VCs work (but we still had our training wheels on). Now, after completing it, we have the tools and means necessary to tackle and situation that might appear (training wheels off). Thank you for the help!

Aman Jindal


This is a no-BS Fundraising Bootcamp. During this one week program, not only did I broaden my understanding on VC’s mindset when it comes to startup investments, but more importantly, learned how to plan and execute a fundraising activity in a controlled and disciplined manner.  I can definitely recommend this bootcamp to other founders, even if you have raised multiple rounds before, you will still learn something new here!

Mohammed Alhamed


Taking Fundraising Bootcamp is like hiring a private tour expert to take you through London versus searching for places using maps. They got the untold facts and specific details I bet you won’t find anywhere else.

Ian Henry

Bindy Street

I thought this might be useful, but it turned out to be essential.

Rebecca Bonnington


I’m so pleased we hadn’t yet started raising investment before doing this programme.

Filip Špiranec


Bootcamp is only for the best startups that are funding their growth trough VC funding. If you want to save time, be well prepared and professional in your next funding round and stand out from the crowd, you should apply!

Pahini Pandya

Panakeia Technologies


Great refresher for fundraising!

Ervin Nadarevic



A must do course if you are in the fundraising process, regardless of the stage. The cost of the Bootcamp will be easly recovered through opportunity cost of your fundraising negotiation as otherwise you will be eaten by the sharks (VCs, Angels…). By doing the Bootcamp you will be able to get meetings and control the negotiations.

Allan Hutcheon



Fundraising Bootcamp has been a fantastic resource and basis for our fundraising, going beyond the initial pitch and deep diving into the key details and information you need for success.

Ailish Dooley



Incredibly useful & practical course, given by very experienced, helpful, and inciteful trainers. Transformational in its approach.

Luka Pitamic

Whale Tail


Is it really worth it to attend the fundraising boot camp? Absolutely!! Worth every cent: – hands-on approach – unique inverse fundraising angle – step-by-step processes – reach-out scripts – and mostly – their carefully curated targeted investors list …is something anyone can put to work literally the next day. Plus long-term support and membership in the best European startup founders community – just show me another one who can provide this. No wonder their results are off the chart. Francois stands out as one of those rare exceptions in the ocean of all startup BS floating around. On top of that, he and his amazing team actually do care. For any serious fundraiser, the opportunity cost not to attend is simply too high.

Sjoerd van Oort



Fundraising Bootcamp helped me realise I should avoid VC investment until I’m absolutely ready for it and have a very strong case for them to invest in. It helped me to understand how to play the game to get the best deal by the time I’m ready for it. 

Catherine Caufield

Ovagen Group Ltd.


The Bootcamp was invaluable both by way of knowledge and practical skills and was so timely for Ovagen as we set about matching the EIC funding award. We have been given a resource for Life. 

Peter Árvai



Bootcamp was an intense and great information package. I now understand how funding in the startup world works and how can I survive.. and thrive!

Keith Ahem



Went from a small fish in a large pond mindset to a driving-the-process mindset with VCs and whole fundraising process in a very short amount of time.

Alan Timothy



Unlike anything else and much better, this was the real deal. I now feel that I understand what I need to do to get my next deal, I am in control.

Eser Torun



I found the honest and open advice from Francois very helpful, it makes a huge difference to hear about his personal experience. Great content and great delivery!

Wim Kees Janssen



Boosting your fundraising from raising to closing. 

Gavin Neate



I’ve realised that’s getting the right information is great but it is even better when it is delivered in an engaging and entertaining way.

They know how to get you involved.

Brittany Harris

Qualis Flow


It’s a whirlwind that gives you a great head start on the journey to fundraising.

Sasa Pusnik



We are thankful and happy to attend the Bootcamp. I think we learned a lot and gained skills about how the VC world works and what is the investor approach to the investments and their founders. How founders should be prepared, and how to react in some situations that usually happen to founders to protect their interests. Now we need to put this knowledge and experience successfully into practice. 

Gary Swale



Simplify, simplify, simplify – moved from “corporate bullshit” to “aha, I get it” and met some great cohorts along the way. Francois and Marcela are fantastic – listened, advised, gave brutal assessments and helped me improve.

They know how to get you involved.

James Jackson


Incredibly useful sessions, really helped us streamline our investor deck and got us match-fit before we started pitching to VC’s.

Slobodan Jović



Fundraising Bootcamp is one of the most intensive workshops I have attended. But it was worth it. A combination of a lot of knowledge and experience of educators and first-hand information about the way investors think. Quite by accident, on the last day of the bootcamp, talking about the bootcamp to one of our big clients, they said that they are interested to invest in our company, and if that happens, I am sure we will be prepared for presentation and that just because of attending Bootcamp we will get between € 200,000 – € 500,000 more for the same share in the company…

Javier Milagro

Corify – ACORYS


The Fundraising Bootcamp has been a wonderful (and demanding) one-week experience which, in my personal experience, has improved a lot my knowledge on the startup investment universe (how VCs actually work, how to approach an investor and deliver our message, etc), and helped me to improve the way I communicate within it. Thanks to the experience and commitment of Francois and Marcela, we achieved great improvements in our pitch delivery in just a week!  

Berislav Marszalek


Fundraising bootcamp was one of the best and most hands-on educations I’ve ever been to. VC knowledge, presentation energy and business experience that Francois and Marcela deliver, are hard to match. If you plan to raise money for your startup, you don’t want to miss this one.

Anders Sommer Larsen 


Before fundraising bootcamp my knowledge of fundraising was limited to youtube videos, YC articles, linkedin posts, etc. Now I have a A-Z process for how to approach fundraising. No magic, just hard work. Thanks.

Anders Fridlund

Farmers First


Fundraising Bootcamp – a knowledge I should have had in the beginning of the journey.

Claire Rampen



Participating in the Tech Nation APAC Fundraising Bootcamp was a helpful exercise to focus our mind on our fundraising narrative, and supercharge our efforts to prepare for our fundraising journey. Meeting other entrepreneurs and hearing about their business models and pitch tactics was invaluable, and gave me so much more to think about, beyond fundraising!

Adam Hartmann

Eupry APS


Raising capital for great ideas is yet another problem that we, Startupers, convince ourselves we’ll figure along the way as all the other challenges we meet. I finally realized that this is a craft that has to be trained well. Thanks to Fundraising Bootcamp, Francois, and Marcela.

Henriette Kistrup



The Fundraising Bootcamp has helped us crystalise what services we are building and how we pitch more efficiently to investors. Also, the peer to peer element in the programme has been valuable and we will continue to use the network.

Patrik Persson



Very instrumental, touch and fun bootcamp that I will recommend to other Start Ups!

Christian Herschend Jacobsen

Eupry APS

To keep it short: An Awesome Program!

Nicolas Jedraszak


The Bootcamp is not just for people without experience in fundraising. In an ever changing environment I think it should be on any founders’ must do list.

Afonso Pinheiro


The energy of the Bootcamp makes you want to start funding the day after 😉

Martyn Gill


The FB team made fundraising relatable, understandable, and enjoyable to learn. I have a much more rounded understanding of VC funding foundations post Bootcamp. Thank you FB team!

Marcos Azeredo


Fundraising Bootcamp was a great experience! The team was very experienced and really nice to work with. We got tailored feedback on our investment materials and they helped us improve our storyline and pitch deck. We believe being part of this program improved our chances to be successful at our next funding round. I highly recommend them!

Johann Gudbjargarson


To my fellow founders, I wholeheartedly recommend this program for anyone fundraising. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Guðbjörg Rist


Brilliant in every way. Such excellent coaches, very straight to the point, and sometimes brutal – but always helpful and encouraging at the same time.

Markus M. M. Maute

Abler a.k.a Sportabler

“If you tend to fundraise again, this bootcamp will save you a lot of time and provide you with a solid process to fundraise and a better bargaining position on term sheets”

Ken Byrne


The Bootcamp really helped us refine our fundraising message and also gave us a real insight into how VC’s operate and think. Following this course we have now strategically planned our next two fundraising rounds as we scale our company over the coming years. If you are serious about growing your company, this Bootcamp is a must.

Kristinn Aspelund

Ankeri Solutions

The Fundraising Bootcamp is the perfect starting point of fundraising preparations. Very relevant and high pace program recommended for entrepreneurs.

Alexandre Mangeot

Hypr Space

François and Marcela are really great at what they do. They provide a lot of valuable information during the classes as well as during the practical workshops and they do not hesitate to provide a frank feedback.

Ernesto Pedrosa


Participating in Fundraising Bootcamp was a fantastic experience. The modules and mentors greatly improved my fundraising knowledge, and the supportive environment helped me build meaningful connections. I gained confidence and valuable skills, and I totally recommend this program to anyone interested in fundraising. Thank you for this enriching opportunity!

Miguel Alves Ribeiro


No one teaches founders what we learn on the Bootcamp, so we end up learning through our mistakes. The Bootcamp gave me super valuable information that will help us in all our future rounds!

Marco Tschan Carvalho


The added value of the programme is outstanding. Not only did we cover how to effectively communicate key messages with investors, but even more importantly, how to negotiate with them – how to maintain control of the fundraising process. It exceeded my expectations by miles!

Luis Valente


A bootcamp so good you will want to take it twice 🙂

Guilherme Coelho


For us, founders, going after VC money can be a haunted experience as you are not familiar with the process. The Bootcamp fixes that helps you be in charge of the entire process and own it like the boss your are!

Mauro Frota


Forget what you (think you know) about VC fundraising. The Bootcamp challenges (and proves with hard data) all assumptions and puts you on the path to succeed.

Espen Westgaard

Aidee Health AS

An intense, information packed week where I really feel that I’ve learnt a lot about all aspects of the fundraising process. I sincerely recommend this to all startup founders regardless of previous experience, especially in these volatile times with longer and harder investment processes where the founder really needs to step up his/her game.

Alf Edvardsen

Mia Health AS

As a passionate and naive founder being new to fundraising, Bootcamp was a really good eye-opener of what to expect in the process. Key take-away for me was how to change my mindset when approaching VCs from “hat in hand”-convincing to a more balanced “are we a good match?”-discussion.

Danae Shell


Fundraising Bootcamp was incredible. I flew from Scotland to Croatia to do the course and it was absolutely worth it. The level of detail and insight totally exceeded my expectations, I would recommend this course to anyone looking to raise! My top tip: do the course before you think you need it, it will totally change the way you plan your next round!

Thuria Wenbar


This was genuinely the best and most comprehensive fundraising program I have been on. So many people online run these programs but actually don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. This is hard facts, no bullshit, incredibly engaging, and shines a spotlight on all those areas in the knowledge matrix where you don’t know what you didn’t know.

Martin Kandus

Bite Me Nutrition

In the wild wild west of early stage startups loaded with false appearances, the bootcamp is a shot of authenticity you cannot afford to miss. No other words but paradigm-shifting. Forget the pitch deck, we completely reconstructed our outlook on the opportunity and the playing field we are in. True to form, the bootcamp uses a factual, direct, and almost raw, approach, which works wonders to progress over a period of (only) a few days. Make no mistake, it will break you down. It will break patterns of thinking. It will challenge your spirit, but it will patch you up again into a new and upgraded version, necessary to reach new heights. They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Well, add Fundraising Bootcamp to that list. 

Nils Lekeberg

Enjay Systems


Hey, start-up founder/executive, if you have to choose ONE workshop on how to improve your chances to take your idea all the way to become a successful company – choose THIS one.

Jack Gove

Sex Brand

It’s difficult to articulate how impressed I’ve been with the Bootcamp. The contents, the delivery & support and the outcomes have far exceeded my expectations. Joining the cohort is comfortably the best decision I’ve made for the business this year –  value offered by the programme far outweighs the cost of it. 

Martin Balaam



I’ve raised funding many times before both on public markets and private, over £100m, and I thought – “how much different would it be raising from VC’s?”. This bootcamp was invaluable: practical, personalised to you and yes, it is different!

Stefan Svedberg


We’re building the next generation of mobile antenna – it’s an extremely complex and advanced technical solution, hard to explain succinctly. The Bootcamp helped me crystallize the value and simplify the message so that it had a strong hook. I can say it worked: we received an incredible 100% hit rate from our 3-minute intros, giving me the meetings I needed. Result: I joined the Fundraising Bootcamp with a plan to raise €1.96mi. We ended up with €3.3mi. Can’t recommend this enough!

Magnus Meyer Harrison

Twisted Leaf

This week has been a cathartic experience; to work at such a high level, feel the hosts and cohorts passion, curiosity and dedication has been a game changer at just the right time

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson


Hands down, the best course you can take in preparing your company for a proper funding round.

Radu Negulescu

Flow OS

Before doing the Fundraising Bootcamp, we “invested” months in learning from open sources & preparing our roadshow, but we failed big time. Although we had amazing reactions about the product and our start-up in general, we lacked one crucial element to close a good deal: VC knowledge – how their minds work, what they are exactly after, the most common traps a start-up could enter, and how to assess them.

For us at FlowOS, this was the most important takeaway from the program, but the entire curricula is extremely practical. The group feedback sessions on our pitch deck: also GOLD.

I totally recommend Fundraising Bootcamp. For first-time fundraisers, it is a must. A crucial time-saver. My only regret is that I didn’t know about it before my first raising roadshow.

Andrew Martyn


The Fundraising Bootcamp hit the mark – providing actionable learnings about different funding sources, which investors are right for our company and how to manage the process to succeed in closing funding – from honing the pitch to how to score meetings with investors.

Lyla Maria Kok

Nanny Nina

The Bootcamp is intense, but I would say essential to do as a Founder considering to go fundraising. The training is super practical, and highly efficient. You learn the basics and handy tips and tricks on how to become successful in raising funds. Would highly recommend it. 

Sjtepan Zelić


The inside knowledge and experience we got here can’t be emulated or gained on some get-rich-quick type of online ‘courses, – it takes people with deep insight and rich experience (also experience in failing and making mistakes) to understand that world, and that’s who Marcela and Francois are.

Andraz Tus

Wisdom Labs LLC

Brilliant inside look into the VC mind, the funding process and inner workings of their world. Also learned a great deal on how to pitch and honed my communication skills, would recommend 10/10 to anyone looking for the same. 

Sebastien Charles


Want to increase your chance to raise money? Follow the Bootcamp.

Cris Anton


It was a really fantastic experience to be part of the Bootcamp. I admit I’m extremely exhausted; when Francois said it would be intense, he really meant it. You know, there’s a lot of things you can learn from books but the knowledge Francois has gathered through years of experience and shared with us is where the value really is.

Valentina Metez


Marcela, Francois… I came to this Bootcamp after devouring 10+ books about VC. I got interested in the topic last year. So I covered the basics before the Bootcamp. What you gave me, no book could give me. I love your enthusiasm and your straightforwardness. You’re not agreeable by default, which is hard to find in people who are selling courses and want to appeal to people for better ratings. 😀 You provided us with plenty of real-life experience and equipped us with one-line comebacks that I will definitely use. I’m already missing the energy that we all had at the Bootcamp. Seeing all the other founders in similar situations and helping each other… I don’t know why, but it made me feel less alone in those founder’s struggles. 😉

Marija Dimitrijević


If you want to fundraise, I advise you, do not do it before you hear what Francois and Marcela have to say and teach. You truly don’t know how much you actually don’t know!

Andrew Jenkinson 


The Fundraising Bootcamp was like jumping into a freezing cold body of water. It was a little painful at first, but it felt amazing to have done it!

Vanja Samuelsson


I thought this was going to be all about pitch training. I was really pleasantly surprised and it’s all about investor readiness, which is exactly what everybody needs.

Fergal Barry

Aptech Business Systems Ltd

Francois and Marcela pack a lot into one week. This really is a crash course on the must-knows for companies embarking on their investment journey. The program will give you the confidence you need to venture into an arena you may not previously had much knowledge of and were a little daunted by. I would highly recommend this program.

Julija Jurić


Fundraising Bootcamp was an eye-opening experience giving me the knowledge I need to fundraise successfully.

Nikola Balaban


Bad with testimonials, but if you do not know how to start fundraising or for the kickoff of an investment round, this is the place to be.

Brian Allen


The processes and tools that we learned how to use via Francois and his team, were instrumental in helping us raise our £15m Series B.  This course is highly recommended. 

John Mackey

Mbryonics Ltd

If you want to get the best possible result in raising venture capital for your company, your team and your shareholders then  I can’t recommend Fundraising Bootcamp enough.  It will equip you to craft your fundraising campaign to your specific needs intelligently, professionally and efficiently. The Bootcamp gives you 20/20 vision to assess how to prepare and plan your investment strategy – and how to translate that into a compelling narrative for your target audience. Be reassured, you and your company are in experienced, knowledgable and a safe pair of hands with Francois and Marcela, who will not waste your time. You are also adopted into a wonderful community and peer group of fellow founders! 

Filip Filipov


The program is an intense warm up for what is about to hit any founder considering fundraising in the future. It is also a good test to see if your story matches your product and whether you can deliver it succinctly, with clarity and passion. I think this should be a ‘required course’ for anyone going into startup land. Two thumbs up.

Stepan Dobrovolskiy


The Fundraising Bootcamp was an eye opener and we learned a lot. Forget what you think you know and just be open to accept new information.

Lars-Thorsten Sudmann


The highlights video is really good but it catches less than 50% of the true value of the work we did together and my real impressions of the programme. I wish I had known of this programme before – this could have saved me a year of work!

Schehrezade Davidson


If you think you know about fundraising, you don’t. Stop and take this course. Francois and Marcela will lead you through the highs and lows that all entrepreneurs face and the information and tools that they provide are invaluable. Fundraising involves grit and determination. This course is the Bootcamp you have been looking for – saddle up!

Hao Zheng


The sessions were extremely practical and I see big improvement in my pitch in a very short period of time!

David Holden-White


Fantastic experience. The programme is a really impactful way to skill up and improve your pitch going into fundraising.

William Shucksmith


Super engaging, informative and a must for those raising finance in the VC world. Great work Francois and Marcela

Howard Thompson



Great course with excellent insights into the VC World, expertly presented and facilitated.

Nigel Bridges



An excellent event, looking into the minds of the VC world and being better prepared for it. Thank you.

Barry Leaper



The program exceeded my expectation. I am much better equipped to deal with investors than I was a few weeks ago

Kaare Beck-Fischer


I had raised €4m before the programme but I still got tons of actionable advice and insights into the world of VC’s that it would have taken me years to assemble on my own.

Anders Schening

Life Finder


The Bootcamp will give you a whole new understanding of how VC think and act. And you will get unique insights and tools for your fundraising process.

Tine Arentsen Willumsen

Above and Beyond

Getting insights about the global fundraising landscape as well as the mindset of VCs are extremely valuable – and so is meeting other fellow Founders with high ambitions!

Adam Shaw



The Fundraising Bootcamp kicked away the trees and made me realise my wood was a forest. Helped me to see the parts of my pitch that mattered most and how to get those across in the way that VCs want it.

Andrzej Zakręcki

Mediprintic – ORT Light


As a founder, I have participated in many bootcamps related to fundraising preparation. The course conducted by Fundrasing Bootcamp approached the training comprehensively from the thoroughly discussed problem of how to prepare investment materials to assessing investors to closing an investment round. Above all, the training was delivered by entrepreneurs who have raised funding from VC funds thus increasing my company’s chances of getting funding.

Pavel Baskakov

Big Night

Fundraising Bootcamp has already helped turbo charge our fundraising efforts and will no doubt continue to inspire us as we begin our process.

Joe Sluys



Thank you Francois – I’m less naïve than I was! Some super valuable insights into the game. I’ll always be grateful

Samantha Decombel



I came into the Bootcamp hoping to gain direction and discover some tips that could support my series A raise, and I was blown away by the quality and quantity of what I learnt! The opportunity to interact directly with Francois, Marcela, and other founders, and get direct feedback and advice, is invaluable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is looking to fundraise, whether they are complete beginners or seasoned raisers, the course is detailed enough that there is something for everyone to take away.

Veljko Vasic



The Fundraising Bootcamp is a game-changer! Their practical exercises, expert knowledge, and dedicated team helped me perfect my pitch and accelerate my fundraising efforts. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to raise funds.

Nuno Cortesão



The Fundraising Bootcamp has the flexibility to help new entrepreneurs close their first round, while keeping the curiosity of the more seasoned entrepreneurs with powerful tricks on how to optimize their rounds.

Erlendur Steinn Gudnason



Fundraising Bootcamp exceeded my expectations by a landslide, and now I can’t imagine anyone fundraising without it.

Finnur Pind

Treble Technologies


The Bootcamp exceeded all my expectations and I indeed learned a lot of valuable “skills for life”. 10/10 from me. After going through the Fundraising Bootcamp, I feel much more confident and better prepared for our upcoming funding round.

Gudrun Ragnarsdottir



The Bootcamp has set the standards of what I need to do to be successful in sourcing funding. Tips, tricks, and wealth of knowledge to get you as ready as possible for you round of funding. Its intense but its worth it!

Ivan Konjevod



The Fundraising Bootcamp was a very helpful and insightful experience. If I had done the programme earlier, I would have been able to close our round much better and quicker.

Sonia Neary



Fundraising Bootcamp provide companies seeking funding with essential knowledge and practical tools to scale and grow on their terms. Huge thanks to a superb team for a great programme!

Andreas Dam

Health Buddy


Francois and Marcela are very knowlegeable and helpful. I could recommend this to people completely new to raising investments.

Ronald Wilting

Forefront RF


I thoroughly enjoyed the Fundraising Bootcamp. It provided insightful understanding of VC behavior and fundraising dynamics. A continuous emphasis was on maintaining personal control, which, while seemingly logical, is complex in practice but crucial for success.

Anna Fraser-Harris

Didimo SA


One of the best training courses I have attended, if in doubt attend, you will be pleased you did!

Dulce Guarda



Fundraising Bootcamp was a great experience not only in terms of presenting our scale up, but also in understanding how to engage in conversations with investors/VC’s, explore the data room, and get honest and insightful feedback from my deck. You were really hands-on, thanks!

Oliver Petrus



The best time & money I’ve ever spent on self-education as a founder.

Paul McGuire



This was a really valuable week that completely changed my perspective on fund-raising. I am looking forward to putting all the (many) learnings into practice. I would highly recommend the program, even if you have raised before.

José Alves



Attending the Fundraising Bootcamp provided us with invaluable insights into fundraising. It debunked myths, signalled common traps, offered structured processes, and introduced methodologies for future endeavours. Despite our prior fundraising experience, we learned a lot and are eager to apply this newfound knowledge to our upcoming rounds.

Salvador Vassalo



This program really helped me going not only with a different mindset for funding but knowing that I have the tools and confidence to do so.

Javed Khattak



I would say I am quite experienced in fundraising as well as the startup world. But Francois and Marcela’s knowledge within the fundraising/VC world really shines in this bootcamp. So I believe even for someone experienced, this a really valuable course. And by extension, if you haven’t had the exposure and it is your first rodeo, then this would be even more beneficial. Not only that, both of them are super friendly and the bootcamp is genuinely engaging and fun. The other entrepreneurs attending were also great – making for a great environment. So highly recommended!

Jimmy Williams

Urban Jungle


Despite having already raised $20m+ in VC funding, I jumped at the opportunity to work with the Fundraising Bootcamp team because it’s so rare to get genuine, uninterested feedback on your business and how you’ve been telling your story from people who know what they are doing.

Francois, Marcela and the team at FB were incredible, and I got loads of value out of the course. Would recommend to any founder Seed to Series B to invest in doing the course, as well as any angel/early stage investors would get a great return from funding their founders through this to set them up for future fundraising success.

Kate Clark


Knowledge + Preparation = Confidence.

When I think back to how I would have approached my fundraise before this bootcamp, I cringe at how unprepared I didn’t even know I was.

Vicky Brock



This was the single most valuable fundraising training I’ve ever had. Despite being a seasoned entrepreneur and having raised before, there was so much I learned here that will completely change the way I run the processes of fundraising. I feel confident I have the tools, templates and processes to now run the most effective fundraise possible for Vistalworks. I urge all founders to invest time in this programme before they start seriously fundraising.

Laura Tucker



A huge thank you to Francois and Marcela for all their work preparing the content and delivering the course. It as hugely beneficial to me and has helped us prepare for a potential investment round. The focus on getting the story and content in the pitch honed was incredibly helpful and just what I needed. The materials and cohort community were also really helpful and I am continuing to access them to propel us forward! Highly recommend for any entrepreneur considering investment.

Mark Hartley



Even though I had been through several funding experiences previously, the bootcamp taught me things I did not know and made me think of the process in a totally different way. Two key takeaway’s are what’s in it for the investor and not what’s in it for me and control your own process and timescale, don’t dance to their tune.

Ben Powell



Despite endless searching online, there is not a single resource or media outlet that is focused on teaching founders how the fundraising game truly works. Fundraising bootcamp does this to an exceptional level. I’d recommend every founder who targets “hard money” to join them. It fast tracks your knowledge better than any book or article can. I’ve made many mistakes along my start-up journey, not committing to Fundraising Bootcamp at the very beginning of our journey is one that will go on the list. It’s a must and the price is 100% justified.

Emanuela Vartolomei

All Street Research/ Sevva AI

The Bootcamp was at the level of the MBA classes in Oxford University and in London Business Schools so I would strongly recommend it.

Henrik Hagemann


Great  for preparing your fundraising materials ahead of going to market, with super fresh data on which VCs are active and what caveats to look out for. Even with institutional investors already on board, I’d highly recommend it as a way to reduce chances of fundraising poorly.

Steve Cottam

Antstream Arcade

The Fundraising Bootcamp is a must have resource for anyone looking to understand the fundraising process. Francois has turn the process into an easy to follow blueprint that will help you navigate the murky ocean of VCs to save you time and increase your chances of success.

Matus Kirchmayer


Fundraising Bootcamp really exceeded my already high expectations! It was an amazing, intense a growing experience that I would recommend it to every startup to be well prepared before opening a round in order to tackle it with a refined strategy.

Sarah Wernér


You are often told as a founder to beware of paid for services promising funding help. Fundraising Bootcamp is not that. It’s THE coaching service you need to reach funding goals. To be honest it’s priceless.  Fundraising is no longer alien. I now know exactly what to do and have my messaging 100% right.

Ruslanas Trakšelis

Millo appliances

The program surpassed all expectations: highly valuable content, clear format, great vibes. Highly recommended for all startups (Seed to Series B)!

Jae Chalfin

Car Credible

If you are serious about raising money for your business, I highly recommend this programme!

Jeff Harris


I would definitely recommend the Fundraising Bootcamp. Francois and Marcela are highly knowledgeable and engaging and they are building a great network effect, which is incredibly useful for anyone on the fundraising journey. You also get to meet some great peers to share challenges (and future successes!) with. Thanks for having me!

Girish Kumar

OKKO Health

Even though we came with some fundraising background, we still learned a lot in this masterclass. It’s different from other programmes because of the people who are running it (Francois & Marcela) who thrive to make it welcoming and engaging. So if you commit to it you make the best of your time.

Secondly, we enjoyed the community & networking part – just imagine you with the brightest leaders in one room who are in pursuit of their crazy dreams. It’s motivational and fantastic!

Jovan Milovanovic


 Helped us completely reshape the pitch deck  and the overall approach to talking to VCs.

Jonathan Crook


The first start-up fundraising programme where I felt that the team passionately wanted to help all attendees and give them the best chance of success.

Ugnius Rimsa


As a technical cofounder and CTO who spends most of his time writing code and working on the product this bootcamp definitely levelled up my skills to pitch and successfully navigate the investment landscape at the same level as other startup CEOs and CFOs.

Eusebio Trigo


The Fundraising Bootcamp is an eye-opening learning experience in which you are challenged all the way to make your business proposition much clearer. Learning how VCs think, operate and what they look for will make the difference in fundraising your first rounds, and this is only available through this bootcamp.

Paul McBride


Francois and Marcela are super focused on optimising entrepreneurs to deliver the best funding outcomes for their businesses. Succinct, engaging and expertly delivered, the energy they create with the participants is electric! Fundraising Bootcamp should be mandatory for all founders.

Julian Jagtenberg


Execution trumps knowledge every day of the week – this bootcamp gave me both, you learn how investors think and apply it right away with no BS feedback on your deck, financial model and pitch. Prepping you for the reality out there and avoiding mistakes you will regret 5 – 10 years from now. Stuff that you couldn’t have find on the internet yourselves. 

Alex Pennos


If VC capital is within your funding options, this course in a no-brainer.

Alex Short


Fantastic course that will no doubt help us command a much stronger Series B, top team, top tips.

Milan Dragič

Process Space

Fundraising is extremally important for any founder and new entrepreneur. Fundraising Bootcamp is highly valuable program that gives you so many insights and lots of information, supported by helpful tools, instructions and templates. After attending this bootcamp I’m confident in success of our company in raising investment(s).

Luis Mancera

Clover Biosoft: Fair MS

This is an inflexion point for us in our preparation to meet VCs. We feel infinitely more prepared and confident after the Bootcamp.

Martin-Immanuel Bittner


The Fundraising Bootcamp was excellent – learning from the mentors as well as the peers, I took away a lot of hands-on insights.

Sven Jantzen 

Sken Data

Fundraising bootcamp is what it promises. Lots of input, lots of practice, lots of feedback from participants who don’t come from the same business. At the end, I have tested my business model, developed strong self-confidence and I feel very well prepared. And if I need more, I know who can help me.

Borut Hrobat


The Bootcamp is a must for every 1st timer founder, to be shown what to expect and how to avoid the, later obvious, traps, to be put on the ground and understand what she or he needs to prepare before being beaten by Investors. If you fly the pane for the first time, the odds are much much better not to crash if someone with practical experience teach you how to fly it. 

Simona Koncytė

Our Pocket Hero

Every startup should have the possibility to have such training before they start fundraising. I have no doubts their result could be significantly improved. Insightful and up-to-date information from the field leaders, and more importantly personal attention and practical tips. 

Bostjan Troha-Karo


 Attending the Fundraising Bootcamp was a game-changer for my organization and me. Marcela and Francois were knowledgeable and engaging, breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces. The interactive sessions, P2P exchanges, real-life case studies, and hands-on exercises left me feeling confident and equipped to tackle any fundraising challenge. The bootcamp truly exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their fundraising skills. 

Channy Limbu


Francois and Marcela are a great duo! So much to learn from their knowledge and the feedback they provide. Their energy makes the workshops so much more engaging. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up but they exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend their Fundraising Bootcamp.

Solomiya Kovalchyk Kruk

TechNovator Health

If you have the opportunity to attend this programme – JUST DO IT! This Bootcamp provides a path, a better picture of your fundraising process and a network of support. Forever grateful for Marcela & Francois !

Richard Johnston


The Bootcamp exceeded my expectations – I now feel more prepared to source, communicate with and control the investment round with potential investors. Our deck has been improved tenfold and I have no doubt you have made a critical difference to our investment journey.

Luis Valente


If you want to know the ins and outs of fundraise, be sure to join the bootcamp!

Yew Hong Woo

Klaxon Technologies

The Fundraising Bootcamp is structured to be practical to give start-ups at all levels the best chance to be successful in fundraising with insider insights, trends, and workings of venture capital’s worlds. Invaluable.

Daniel Burton


The investment program run by Technation was the most useful program I have ever been on. Filled with useful information and really improved my knowledge of the investment process. Thank you, it was excellent. insider insights, trends, and workings of venture capital’s worlds. Invaluable.

Frane Alajbeg


If you are considering, or just want to know as much as you can about the world of investing and VC funds, this is a place for you. 5 days of “real” Bootcamp will require commitment, energy and focus. Even if you think that after the first few days this is not for you that’s where you are mistaken. You will get better each day and by the end realize that you actually have a shot of raising funds and expanding your business.

We learned all the tips and tricks you don’t find anywhere: how to approach, differentiate and sort the investors. Got to meet a lot of promising young entrepreneurs and received feedback that allowed us to get better each day.

Thank you to both Marcela and Francois, thank you for enduring with us even when we didn’t know what to do. Wish you all the best and plenty of luck to our fellow entrepreneurs. Let’s start with the fundraising.

Tatjana Jakšić

Professor Balthazar

It was an eye opener. Period.

Lisa Granath


The fundraising bootcamp is intense but well worth your time! I learned so much! Only regret I have is that I did not attend it sooner!

Albert Gajšak

Circuit Mess


I came to fundraising bootcamp expecting it to be an overpriced Udemy, but it outperformed all of my expectations.

Rose Huang



I wish I had participated in this bootcamp a year ago. It will blow your mind and put you in the shoes of the investors and get you fully equipped with both contents and mindset.

Sara Gonçalves



This bootcamp was one of the best programmes I’ve participated. Contains very practical and useful information for every founder.

Tomas de Souza

Word DiagnosticS


I left the bootcamp with an even greater company than when I joined.

Walter Ischia



Francois and Marcela definitively know what they are talking about!

Isabel Caruana



This Bootcamp is not a nice to have for fundraising: every entrepreneur should take it. Especially, if you want to make sure you are not leaving money on the table and if you want some sanity in the crazy process of fundraising. It’s a must!

Brendan Rice

Senoptica Technologies


I have raised investment in the past. I knew enough to know I needed to know much more about fundraising if I’m to successfully raise in the future. The Fundraising Bootcamp gave me a whole new insight into the investment world and an excellent foundation to approach my next round. In the days following the Bootcamp I’m already having more meaningful conversations with investors!

Thorey V. Proppe



Gave me the inside knowledge on the funding environment, the right toolkit, training and network. It surely is a Bootcamp, they are pushing you towards excellence – which is great. A real confidence booster!

Hildur Run Gudjonsdottir



As someone new to the startup and VC funding scene, I was unsure of what to expect. However, the programme exceeded my expectations and gave me the tools I need to assist with the funding process. I now have a solid understanding of the whole process, including what investors are looking for and how we can stand out. I feel fully equipped for our next steps and confident that this programme will be crucial for our success.

Tibor Kezelj

2xt Agency


Just do it!

Niamh Donnelly

Akara Robotics


I found the Fundraising Bootcamp really useful as we head into our funding round, getting direct feedback on our pitch deck and understanding investor deal dynamics and the common pitfalls startups fall into when raising was really helpful.

Rasmus Jensing



Fundraising Bootcamp is a must do for every Founder/CEO or alike that has not yet raised funding for their venture, and who is planning to raise. Do it before your first round or it might be too late to avoid fatal traps and/or selling yourself out too short.

Catarina Ribeiro



I recently participated in the Fundraising Bootcamp lead by Francois Mazoudier and Marcela Donatello, an invaluable experience that equipped me with essential knowledge and strategies for securing financial support. The program offered practical insights, guidance from experts, and networking opportunities, greatly enhancing our fundraising capabilities. The bootcamp’s hands-on approach and expert instructors empowered me to go beyond my comfort-zone and think in depth about our business and how to convey it to investors in a more oriented approach. I loved the process!

Pedro Almeida



The Bootcamp allowed me to have one week away from everyday business to be fully immersed in structuring my fundraising and thinking strategically about the company. I was actually able to go beyond mere fundarainsing strategizing, and got some valuable lessons to share with the wider company.

Simon Neal

Camp Map


Game changing content and support for any founder looking to raise funds from a VC or anywhere else.

Manuel Oliveira



Top-rated course of any accelerator and startup programme. Definitely of impact value that will help fundraising.

João Marques



Thanks to the Fundraising Bootcamp I close a €5M round in 2 months – Super pragmatic, hands-on and BS free. Loved it!

André Santos



The Fundraising Bootcamp is a fantastic investment for any startup or founder. After an immersive week with Marcela and Francois, you’ll gain increased confidence, valuable insights into the current VC landscape, a network of like-minded founders, and the essential knowledge and tools to enhance future fundraising rounds.

Robert Veres



From my very first call with Francois, it was clear he knows what he’s talking about. The event delivered on every level. Having had no prior experience in raising capital, the workshop has completely transformed my outlook. I now feel equipped to approach potential investors with confidence, secure in the knowledge that I am fully prepared for what lies ahead. A big thank you to all the instructors—Francois, Marcela, and Ginny—and fellow boot campers, who were all incredibly helpful and supportive.

Eduardo Hotta



Fantastic bootcamp. Informative, practical, engaging, brutal, and fun. I highly recommend it.

1st of July, 2024

On-site, in London


In-person, interactive


1 week intensive program


1:1 and peer to peer support and feedback


Access to 10.000 EU/UK investor list


Documents, Tools, and Templates

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