the programme that gets you results.

Action focused. No-BS, hardcore feedback loops. Tools used by pros, templates that work and your custom investor list.

What you get

Professional Fundraising Tools
Unique Advice from Industry Experts
Documentation Templates
Action-Driven Workshops
Pitch Deck Iteration
Pitch Delivery Group Class
Pitch Delivery 1 on 1 Sessions
Financial Storyline Review

Access to 4.500 EU/UK Investor List
Investors/VC Guest Talk
Group and P2P Sessions
1 on 1 Advisory Sessions
Lifetime Access to Alumni Community
Hands-On Classes
Fully Live Sessions
Office Hours

Online or In-Person

The Fundraising Bootcamp happens both online and on-site, always in person, and never pre-recorded. Our online classes were designed for you to run your company on the side while becoming a master of your own fundraising process. Both programs offer the same high-intensity, hardcore classes. Pick what works for you.


live, not pre-recorded

3-week programme

2h sessions

1:1s and peer review

pitch deck iteration

collab groups

+ Access to 4.500 EU/UK investor list
+ Presentation Training
+ Tools, Templates, and Extra Materials
+ Investors/VC Guest Talk
+ Lifetime Access to Programme Dashboard


in-person, in your city

5-day programme

8 hours per day

1:1s and peer review

pitch deck iteration

collab groups

+ Access to 4.500 EU/UK investor list
+ Presentation Training
+ Tools, Templates, and Extra Materials
+ Investors/VC Guest Talk
+ Lifetime Access to Programme Dashboard

How the bootcamp works

Small cohort

Get personalised advice and attention based on your company’s specific needs and fundraising goals.

real-life scenarios

No BS-theory, no platitudes. Learn from our 25 years of experience in the industry, fundraising and investing. 

constant support & iteration

Learn from a seasoned fundraiser, get feedback, work and iterate multiple times with a peer group in a similar stage.

bootcamp toolkit

Lifetime access to a robust dashboard of professional and proven tools, templates and materials.


Valuable to any founder from Seed round all the way to Series C. We support companies with high growth potential.

Interactive & Action-driven

Intensive, interactive and hands-on.  We don’t just teach you, but take your hand and guide you through the preparation process. 

13TH JUNE, 2022



Online, not pre-recorded


3-week program


2h sessions; 32 hours in total


1:1 and peer to peer support and feedback


Access to 4.500 EU/UK investor list


Documents, Tools, and Templates

📍 Online
20 spots available

How much time you need to close your round successfully

Don’t believe the hype: it takes time, and a lot of focused work, to complete your round of funding successfully. Yes, we all heard the fairy-tale stories too, but they’re the exception, not the rule. 

‘best time to join our Bootcamp? Typically 6 months before you need to close your round.

Most founders plan too little time, so they prepare and delivery poorly, have no time to incorporate feedback and iterate, and end up with no, or bad, term sheets. Don’t be that founder. 90% preparation, 10% inspiration.

The second best time to join us? Right now.

“I’m so pleased we hadn’t yet started raising investment before doing this programme.”


£ 4,999*

* per company

Price exc. VAT (if applicable)

not sure? let’s talk!


Money back guaranteed

We are confident that you will learn a lot and find the Bootcamp valuable. So we offer your money back if you don’t.


we don't take any equity

Our pricing  is fixed and transparent. What you raise is yours to keep. No hidden fees, no equity, no success fees. 


less than 0.1% of your round

The Bootcamp costs less than 0.1% of an average Seed round. 


price for one founder to join

Need your co-founder to participate and help you make those big decisions? We get it. We charge £500 only . 

Our programme delivers

See what they say about us

Tamara Markotic // Apaleo

The Fundraising Bootcamp has been really amazing. It helped us simplify and crystallise our value proposition. It was super intense, but it’s an absolute must for anyone looking to raise a VC round.

Raised €4.5 million from three prestigious investors after our Bootcamp in London
Lars-Thorsten Sudmann // Bloola

The highlights video is really good but it catches less than 50% of the true value of the work we did together and my real impressions of the programme. I wish I had known of this programme before – this could have saved me a year of work!

Brandon Keenen // Antstream Arcade

This course has leveled me up in a way that I don’t think would have ever happened. It was a truly invaluable experience. The feedback, the honesty, the relentless pursuit of perfection are things I will keep in my tool kit forever. This course will pay me dividends for the rest of my working life.


Fred Destin // Stride.VC

Fundraising is tedious, frustrating and highly unpredictable, but for most CEOs, a must-do.
Getting prepared, building the right storyline, approach and process is critical for a successful process. I have known Francois for 20 years; I can vouch for him, his pitching skills, story-line building and fundraising process, and can recommend him to CEOs preparing for a funding round.

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years of experience

pitch decks


Meet your experts

Marcela Donatello

Marcela Donatello

Community Builder.
4 Startups. Startup Mentor.

Francois Mazoudier

Francois Mazoudier

Angel Investor. Tech Veteran. Entrepreneur. Raised over $200M.
1 IPO • 1 Bankruptcy • 8 Companies

Ginny Radmall

Ginny Radmall

Pitch Delivery Expert.
Startup Specialist.