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Is this the right time to join the Bootcamp? 

Don’t believe the hype: it takes time, and a lot of focused work, to complete your round of funding successfully. Yes, we all heard the fairy-tale stories too, but they’re the exception, not the rule.

‘best time to join our Bootcamp? Typically 6 months before you need to close your round.

Before you meet with anyone. Before you’re about to run out of cash. Before you burn bridges without a plan.

The second best time to join is right now.


“I’m so pleased we hadn’t yet started raising investment before doing this programme.”

2nd oct, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands


In-person, live


1 week intense program


1:1 and peer to peer support and feedback


Access to 5.500 EU/UK investor list


Documents, Tools, and Templates

📍 On-site

our programme delivers


Andrew Martyn // Your.Rentals
The Fundraising Bootcamp hit the mark - providing actionable learnings about different funding sources, which investors are right for our company and how to manage the process to succeed in closing funding - from honing the pitch to how to score meetings with investors.

Raised €5.8mi and €1.7mi, above his target of €5mi. Now preparing to IPO on the Nordic Stock Exchange
Tamara Markotic // Apaleo
The Fundraising Bootcamp has been really amazing. It helped us simplify and crystallise our value proposition. It was super intense, but it's an absolute must for anyone looking to raise a VC round.

Raised €4.5 million from three prestigious investors after our Bootcamp in London
Jimmy Williams // My Urban Jungle

Despite having already raised $20m+ in VC funding I jumped at the opportunity to join the Fundraising Bootcamp as it’s so rare to get genuine, uninterested feedback on your business and how you’ve been telling your story from people who know what they are doing. The team was incredible and I got loads of value out of the programme. Would 100% recommend it to any founder, Seed to Series B – as well as investors setting their companies up for future fundraising success.

Thuria Wenbar // e-Surgery
This was genuinely the best and most comprehensive fundraising program I have been on. So many people online run these programs but actually don't have a clue what they're talking about. This is hard facts, no bullshit, incredibly engaging, and shines a spotlight on all those areas in the knowledge matrix where you don't know what you didn't know.