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Get to know the team that will help you succeed in the funding round. We’re entrepreneurs like you and investors like them, and we’ll tell you the unfiltered truth about fundraising.

Francois Mazoudier, from the Fundraising Bootcamp team



Francois is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and investor. After building 8 companies, joining the startup-to-NASDAQ IPO ride, experiencing one bankruptcy and everything in-between, he has a thing or ten to share. Francois is an angel investor and has raised over $200m for his startups, knowing both sides of the investment table. He’s been mentoring startups for years, being known for his no-BS and practical approach.

His experience includes RealNetworks, Polycom, Symantec, The Cloud Wifi, and co-founding Speed Ventures, Europe’s first accelerator ($70m, 28 companies, 4 IPOs). He is also the founder and CEO of TMRW, south London’s no1 Tech Workspace.



After one decade of hands-on experience building & working for early-stage startups (two of her own and two as an employee), Marcela knows the ins and outs of building from scratch. As employee #2 and Community Director of TMRW, a tech co-working space in London, she supports founders and their everyday challenges regularly.

Following years of frustration watching startups fail their fundraising process for avoidable reasons, she co-created and now runs the Fundraising Bootcamp with Francois.

In her infinite spare time, she also mentors early-stage startups for Barclay’s Eagle Labs and Scottish TechScaler.

Marcela Donatello, from the Fundraising Bootcamp team
Ginny Radmall, from the Fundraising Bootcamp team



Ginny is a pitch and presentation expert who has worked with the likes of Google, Microsoft, IKEA, Salesforce, Barclays and WeWork. In the startup scene, Ginny is a must. She teaches the ins and outs of giving an entertaining, engaging presentation, making sure founders aren’t only heard but understood.

Ginny has delivered coaching on Accelerator Programmes with Techstars, Startupbootcamp, MassChallenge, Google for Startups, Rainmaking and the RGA Accelerator, and also worked with a number of corporate innovation programmes. Using her training as an actor, Ginny gives people the tools they need to deliver a memorable pitch and speak with confidence.



For every programme, we invite high-profile, hardcore founders and investors succeeding in various industries to join us.

Our previous guests include:

Fred Destin, founder of Stride.VC
Zoe Peden, tech entrepreneur turned VC
Anne de Kerckhove, serial CEO and angel investor
Marcus Skärbäck, Investment Manager at Almi
Petros Tsakiris, Investor at Spctrm
Björn Andersson, Angel Investor
Alex Molvin, Fund Manager at Almi

Guest speakers, from the Fundraising Bootcamp team

our programme delivers


Dan Marcus // Ramp Software
Knowledge is power. Francois and Marcela are a never ending source of knowledge in the startup and VC world. This knowledge doesn’t just cover their own domain, they quickly understood our business, and were able to adapt their thinking to offer incredible value. was an eye opener and we learn a lot of things.

Raised €5.8mi and €1.7mi, above his target of €5mi. Now preparing to IPO on the Nordic Stock Exchange
Schehrezade Davidson // Tricerion
If you think you know about fundraising, you don’t. Stop and take this course. Francois and Marcela will lead you through the highs and lows that all entrepreneurs face and the information and tools that they provide are invaluable. Fundraising involves grit and determination. This course is the Bootcamp you have been looking for – saddle up!

Raised €4.5 million from three prestigious investors after our Bootcamp in London
Sjtepan Zelić // Hypify

The inside knowledge and experience we got here can’t be emulated or gained on some get-rich-quick type of online ‘courses‘ , – it takes people with deep insight and rich experience (also experience in failing and making mistakes) to understand that world, and that’s who Marcela and Francois are.

Girish Kumar // Okko Health

Even though we came with some fundraising background, we still learned a lot in this masterclass. It’s different from other programmes because of the people who are running it (Francois & Marcela) who thrive to make it welcoming and engaging. So if you commit to it you make the best of your time.

Secondly, we enjoyed the community & networking part – just imagine you with the brightest leaders in one room who are in pursuit of their crazy dreams. It’s motivational and fantastic!


2nd-6th SEPT, 2024

On-site, in Milan/IT


In-person, interactive


1 week intensive program


1:1 and peer to peer support and feedback


Access to 10.000 EU/UK investor list


Documents, Tools, and Templates

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