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Insider Knowledge

Learn how VCs actually work. And think. What they demand, what they don't tell you, why they say no, or say nothing at all.
Term sheet clauses that will kill you, and how to avoid them.
How to avoid the many traps and dead-ends. How to build your priorities and optimise your time.
How to select, filter and choose the right VC, not just any. Why it matters

Learn from real pros

Because you need results, and fast, not theory. Execution eats theoritical for breakfast.

Learn from an 8x entrepreneur turned Investor, who raised over $200m in transactions, from $100k to $millions.
Leverage the errors, the mishaps and mistakes; practical experiences you can actually use to your advantage.

Practice until perfect

Fundraising is a process: 90% preparation, 10% inspiration.
We make you practice - a lot: your approach, your 3 min pitch; the first meeting, the two-way Q&A; your financial storyline.

You rehearse it, again, and again, until perfect.

Everything you need

Leave with our toolbox. Your process, trackers, documents, investor pack, an investor deck that actually works (not just looks pretty) and more. 

Bonus: our list of target investors -with clean, verified emails. Narrowed down to your specific company. Saves you months of research.