Francois Mazoudier

Programme Lead

A seasoned tech veteran, Francois has been in the industry all his life. 
He’s built 8 companies, had the startup-to-NASDAQ IPO joyride, one bankruptcy and everything in-between. He has a network of hundreds of investors globally, is a small angel investor himself and has raised over $200m+ in funding for tech startups. 
Francois has years of experience mentoring early-stage startups and is known in equal measure for his BS-free approach and love of wine. 
If you want unbeatable business advice, pick his brain.

RealNetworks, Polycom, Symantec, The Cloud Wifi, Speed Ventures. 
Co-founder of Speed Ventures, Europe’s first accelerator ($70m, 28 companies, 4 IPOs ).  

Now CEO at TMRW, south London’s no1 Tech Workspace.

Marcela Donatello

Programme Director

TMRW Community & Programme Director. Built TMRW from the ground up, now south London's no1 office and coworking space for tech companies.

Designed and runs the Fundraising Bootcamp. 

Launched her own e-commerce stationery business. 
Knows the rollercoaster ride that is running your own business. 

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